Due to the resources of the association, unfortunately we are not able to offer you the full English version of the webpage, but to give you some information about ourselves, here is an overview of us and our activities.

Environmental Protection Students’ Association of Eesti Maaülikool (EPSA of EMÜ) is a non-profitable organisation functioning in the basis of the voluntary work of its members. The association was founded with the aim to unite the students of landscape protection and preservation in Eesti Maaülikool (Estonian University of Life Sciences). Since spring 2005 all students of Eesti Maaülikool who are interested in environmental protection, can join the association. The association was founded in Tartu, on March 19th 2001.

The aims and tasks of the association are:
  • improving cooperation with students and student organisations with similar interests in Estonia and abroad;
  • improving the professional skills, ecological awareness and nature-interest of members;
  • promoting nature and environmental friendly way of thinking among general public;
  • organising and participating in environmental events;
  • organising social activities for members.

Some of our traditional activities:

Information day "From Specialist to Student"
In order to give students of environmental sciences better overview of possible job opportunities and practice places and to promote communication between employers and future employees, we organise every year this information day. Specialists from different companies and institutions come and introduce themselves and give students opportunity to ask questions.

Together with 3 other student organisation we organise every year student science conference connected to preceding competition of student science articles. The 3 days lasting conference full of discussions, workshops, lectures and fun parties in the evenings have made WinterAcademy famous among many students. First WinterAcademy was held in February 2003 in North-Eastern Estonia, and has taken students to different parts of Estonia since then and dealt with subjects like sustainable development, energy, consumption etc. For more information: info@talveakadeemia.ee

Working bees
Traditionally in early winter or late autumn we go to Karula National Park in Southern Estonia, to help cut brushwood and open landscapes. And helping some of our members with their farm work has become frequent in the past year. Fun games and good sauna in the evening are of course mandatory.

Hiking trips
Mostly in winter and autumn we take up small hikes to protected areas or just beautiful nature places in Estonia. Traditional is our Cold Hike, which takes place during the coldest time of the year - in the beginning of February. Bog hikes in Soomaa National Park have lately also become very popular.

Outdoor Learning
In September 2005, our association started to introduce the idea of Outdoor Learning. We thought that being outside, both for lectures and practical work, can add extra value in relationship between students and teachers as well as people and their environment. Since the beginning of the project, we have arranged many meetings to discuss the place of Outdoor Learning in our university and done some polls to find out the attitude towards the idea - results have shown that both students and teachers think positively about it.

For more information:

About once a month we gather together to watch movies connected to environmental thematic and issues some way. To name few of them: "Super Size Me", "La Marche de L'empereur", "Syriana" but also "Finding Nemo" :)

Summer activities
For some years we have organised Summer Days together with our friend-organisations, played games and sports, done workshops and LandArt. But recently we have taken up SummerAcademy, inspired by WinterAcademy 2006. SummerAcademy is a environmental camp, having theoretical and practical workshops in specific subjects, nature hikes and folklore evenings.

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Christmas and birthday parties
Usually with a special theme, we mostly celebrate with more fancy way Christmas and our association’s birthday in March. This is the time when our friends from other student organisations also come together, perform to each other and discuss the latest environmental issues :P

Here you can see some pictures from our activities: Gallery

If you wish to know more about us, please contact us via e-mail or our board:
Vello Lääts (chair person)
Tuuli Teppo (secretary)
Maili Lehtpuu (board member)
Reigo Ritso (board member)
Kertu Sapelkov (board member)